Tufano Moda introduces the latest arrivals of Colmar Originals clothing, accessories and down jackets for men and women: take a look also at our sales section. From the first letters of its founder's name, this brand was born, a trademark of the Italian Manifacture company Mario Colombo. Since 1923 the sportswear's brand has been synonymous with style, sport and passion and its garments are “must have” for champions and ski enthusiasts.

Over the years, the Lombard company has diversified its production and in 2009 created Colmar Originals, a clothing line that blends design and functionality. The brand's garments are in fact a perfect mix of practicality and beauty, made with tailored cuts that make the technical fabrics aesthetically excellent, tested to improve the wearer's sports performance.

In its men's clothing collections, Colmar Originals offers a wide selection of items; from winter garments like the legendary hats with the logo, down jackets, sweatshirts and jackets to summer pieces like swimsuits, sandals and t-shirts. Come and discover a vast selection of Colmar Originals clothing, accessories and down jackets on Tufano Moda.


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